El método de comparación de casos: examen de sus resultados

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In this article the author seeks to stress the methodological value of casuistic comparison from the coincidences found in the wording of different juridical fragments with which the Digest was composed. To the author's opinion, this method complements the historical-critical method for the study of the Roman juridical sources, just when all textual critiques seem to have been abandoned by contemporaneous studies of Roman law. Thus, from the casuistic comparison based on coincidences found in the wording, the author believes he can either validate or refute old interpolative hypotheses with a greater degree of certainty. With the purpose of detecting coincidences in the wording, Manuel García and Fernando Reinoso's Digestorum Similitudines has been employed.

Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)41-60
Number of pages20
JournalRevista de Estudios Historico-Juridicos
Issue number26
StatePublished - 2004
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