La filosofía de la ciencia como programa de investigación en Zubiri

Translated title of the contribution: Philosophy of science as a research program in Zubiri

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In this paper we attempt to explain the meaning of science according to Zubiri. Although Zubiri did not publish a specific book about science, we attempt to contemplate this topic by following the analysis in three moments of the apprehension of reality that Zubiri makes in his book Sentient Intelligence. Thereafter, we propose that the concept of science must be analyzed in these three moments, the first of which shows that scientific knowledge is rooted in the reality apprehended sentiently. Science is often thought of as a rational activity. This is certainly true, but rationality is insufficient to understand all scientific work. Science has also been considered from social and historical perspectives, which is also true. However, all scientific knowledge starts from the senses, from the moment of formality of reality rather than from the moment of content, as empiricism does.

Translated title of the contributionPhilosophy of science as a research program in Zubiri
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Issue number780
StatePublished - 2016
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