Les nostalgies dans la ville contemporaine: Pistes de recherche

Translated title of the contribution: Urban nostalgias today: A proposition for research

Clément Colin, Philippe Gervais-Lambony, Shinji Hirai, Carolina Pinto

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In this essay, we wish to propose an approach of urban spaces by the social sciences which mobilizes the study of nostalgia as sentiment, practice and discourse. Because nostalgia is a characteristic of our era, we propose to think of nostalgia as a category capable of analyzing the lived experiences of the individuals who live in the movements of our hypermobile, hyperconnected world, where the process of creative destruction seems to impose itself as a hegemonic urban model. In this context, we want to show that this category makes it possible to overcome the pre-established separation between mobile (migrants) and immobile individuals (the natives) to think of the human being in the face of the brutal changes imposed by the urban world. From the comparison of their respective research experiences, the authors, geographers, anthropologists and sociologists, seek to share their collective reflection on nostalgia, by presenting their contributions in the field of social sciences in general and in urban studies in particular.

Translated title of the contributionUrban nostalgias today: A proposition for research
Original languageFrench
StatePublished - 2019


  • Emotional geography
  • Experience
  • Movement
  • Space-time
  • Urban space


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