Los polímeros: Una progresión y propuesta didáctica

Translated title of the contribution: Polymers: A progression and didactic proposal

Felipe Gallardo, Cristian Merino

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The present work shows a proposal for a teachinglearning sequence on polymers, in which the objective is to promote scientific skills such as: a) hypothesis formulation; b) experimental design, and c) drawing conclusions, in first-year students of higher education. The proposal was developed from a design-based research perspective and its validation included a cycle of elaboration-application-reworking. It was implemented in a sample of 32 students. To evaluate their performances, a criterion of achievement level was used, which was complemented with different textual extracts from their answers. The results show that students present certain performances that could be linked to the development of scientific skills, improving their understanding of related concepts. Finally, based on experience, the incorporation of natural aspects of science is suggested to promote understanding of the development of scientific knowledge and technological advances in the area.

Translated title of the contributionPolymers: A progression and didactic proposal
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)64-81
Number of pages18
JournalEducacion Quimica
Issue number2
StatePublished - Apr 2022


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