Performance Measurement Model for Sustainability Assessment of the Swine Supply Chain

Silvana Dalmutt Kruger, Antonio Zanin, Orlando Durán, Paulo Afonso

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In this paper, a model and a set of indicators for evaluating the sustainability in swine supply chains are presented and discussed. Using the Delphi method, environmental, social and economic indicators were identified (namely environmental performance indicators to evaluate soil, water, air, energy and environmental practices; social performance indicators related to human capital and social interaction; and economic performance indicators that address labor remuneration and return on investment). Subsequently, the proposed sustainability assessment model was applied for validation purposes in three different companies belonging to the swine supply chain in the southern region of Brazil. This study differs from previous ones by focusing on the sustainability assessment of the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, which are responsible for significant impacts. The performance of the studied companies from the three triple bottom-line (TBL) dimensions is significantly different. Both negative and positive impacts were found to be related to most of the specific metrics. The economic dimension presented a better performance than the environmental and social ones. Furthermore, there was a predominance of negative impacts in the environmental dimension, in relation to the soil, water, air, and energy indicators. Thus, specific actions, strategies, and policies must be designed for the different companies towards an effective and comprehensive sustainability throughout the swine supply chain. The proposed model can be extended to other companies in the same supply chain, replicated in other livestock and agribusiness industries and supply chains (such as cattle and poultry), and it can be used in different locations and including additional indicators and metrics.

Original languageEnglish
Article number9926
JournalSustainability (Switzerland)
Issue number16
StatePublished - Aug 2022


  • performance measurement
  • sustainability indicators
  • swine supply chain
  • triple bottom-line


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