Problems and challenges in the interactions of design teams of construction projects: A bibliometric study

Eduardo I. Galaz-Delgado, Rodrigo F. Herrera, Edison Atencio, Felipe Muñoz La Rivera, Clarissa N. Biotto

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There is no comprehensive understanding of the problems that may impact the performance of the different actors that participate in the design of construction projects. In the absence of clarity about the problems and challenges that may impact the interactions, it is not possible to propose action plans to optimize the performance of the design teams. Therefore, this study pro-poses to identify the main problems and challenges in the interactions of design teams in building projects. A mixed review method is used to integrate bibliometric reviews, systematic reviews, and social network analysis to build a complete picture of the reviewed topic while highlighting certain key areas to ensure in-depth research. To achieve the objective of this work, the research was di-vided into three stages: (1) study of interactions in design teams; (2) identification of problems in design team interactions; and (3) study of problems in design team interactions. Through this study, four current major trends of research were identified: (1) Collaboration and BIM; (2) Design teams in the construction industry; (3) Design management; and (4) Collaborative design methodologies and processes. In addition, the most relevant problems or challenges within design team interactions arise in communication, collaboration, coordination, trust, and role identification.

Original languageEnglish
Article number461
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 2021


  • Bibliometric
  • Construction projects
  • Design teams
  • Interactions
  • Networks
  • Problems and challenges


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