Structural studies of a manganese(iii) complex with spin-crossover and thermochromic properties

David Villaman, Charles J. McMonagle, Michael R. Probert, Octavio Peña, Yanko Moreno, Mauricio Fuentealba

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Thermochromism and gradual spin crossover (SCO) were observed in the [MnIII(5-MeO-sal-N-1-5-8-12)]Cl complex. The transition temperature (T1/2) was determined to be 281 K by the drastic changes in the unit cell. This T1/2 value is the highest observed for this type of system using the 5-MeO-H2sal-N-(1-5-8-12) ligand. The gradual transition was monitored by single crystal X-ray diffraction at four temperatures (100 K, 290 K, 350 K and 400 K), and the octahedral deviation parameters were obtained to classify the spin state. Moreover, the unit cell parameters were determined at 12 different temperatures from 90 K to 400 K, and significant changes were observed in the unit cell from 250 K to 310 K, corresponding to the low-spin (LS) state to high-spin (HS) state transition or vice versa. Thermochromism in the solid state was observed at cryogenic temperatures, starting at 250 K on a single-crystal sample, representing clear evidence of the electronic transition. This work opens further opportunities to design and synthesize new SCO profiles for MnIII complexes using Schiff base derivatives.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3221-3233
Number of pages13
Issue number18
StatePublished - 14 Mar 2020


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