Weak Deflection Angle and Greybody Bound of Magnetized Regular Black Hole

Wajiha Javed, Sibgha Riaz, Ali Övgün

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In this paper, we examine the weak deflection angle and greybody bound for a magnetized regular black hole. For this purpose, we apply the Gauss–Bonnet theorem on the black hole and obtain the deflection angle in plasma and non-plasma mediums. Moreover, we investigate graphically the effect of impact parameter on the deflection angle for regular black hole in both mediums. We examine that the deflection angle goes to infinity when the impact parameter approaches zero. We also observe that the deflection angle shows negative behaviour at q = 0.6 and q = 2.09, but at 0.6 < q < 2.09, the angle shows positive behaviour. Furthermore, we study the rigorous bound phenomenon of the greybody factor in the background for a magnetized regular black hole. Later, we analyse the graphical behaviour of greybody bound with respect to different values of ω and observe that, at small values of ω, the bound increases, but for large values, the bound decreases. After that, we examine that, when we put G = 1, l = 0 and q = 0, all results for the magnetized regular black hole solution reduce into results of the Schwarzschild black hole solution.

Original languageEnglish
Article number262
Issue number5
StatePublished - May 2022
Externally publishedYes


  • Gauss–Bonnet theorem
  • general relativity
  • gravitational lensing
  • greybody factory
  • magnetized black holes
  • plasma medium


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