WEBSEIDF: A web-based system for the estimation of IDF curves in central Chile

Roberto Pizarro, Ben Ingram, Fernando Gonzalez-Leiva, Rodrigo Valdés-Pineda, Claudia Sangüesa, Nicolás Delgado, Pablo García-Chevesich, Juan B. Valdés

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The lack of reliable continuous rainfall records can exacerbate the negative impact of extreme storm events. The inability to describe the continuous characteristics of rainfall from storm events increases the likelihood that the design of hydraulic structures will be inadequate. To mitigate extreme storm impacts and improve water governance at the catchment scale, it is vital to improve the availability of data and the array of tools used to model and forecast hydrological processes. In this paper, we describe and discuss the implementation of a web-based system for the estimation of intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) curves (WEBSEIDF) in Chile. The web platform was constructed using records from 47 pluviographic gauges available in central Chile (30-40° S), with at least 15 years of reliable records. IDF curves can be generated for durations ranging from 15 min to 24 h. In addition, the extrapolation of rainfall intensity from pluviograph to pluviometric gauges (i.e., 24-h rainfall accumulation) can be carried out using the storm index (SI) method. IDF curves can also be generated for any spatial location within central Chile using the ordinary Kriging method. These procedures allow the generation of numerical and graphical displays of IDF curves, for any selected spatial location, and for any combination of probability distribution function (PDF), parameter estimation method, and type of IDF model. One of the major advantages of WEBSEIDF is the flexibility of its database, which can be easily modified and saved to generate IDF curves under user-defined scenarios, that is, changing climate conditions. The implementation and validation of WEBSEIDF serves as a decision support system, providing an important tool for improving the ability of the Chilean government to mitigate the impact of extreme hydrologic events in central Chile. The system is freely available for students, researchers, and other relevant professionals, to improve technical decisions of public and private institutions.

Original languageEnglish
Article number40
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2018
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  • Extreme storm events
  • IDF curves
  • IDF model
  • Rainfall intensity
  • Web-based system


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