Binary X-ray Sources in Massive Brans–Dicke Gravity

Grigoris Panotopoulos, Ángel Rincón, Ilídio Lopes

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This study focuses on the X-ray emission of low-mass black hole binaries in massive Brans– Dicke gravity. First, we compute the accretion disk with the well-known Shakura–Sunyaev model for an optically thick, cool, and geometrically thin disk. Moreover, we assume that the gravitational field generated by the stellar-mass black hole is an analogue of the Schwarzschild space-time of Einstein’s theory in massive Brans–Dicke gravity. We compute the most relevant quantities of interest, i.e., (i) the radial velocity, (ii) the energy and surface density, and (iii) the pressure as a function entirely of the radial coordinate. We also compute the soft spectral component of the X-ray emission produced by the disk. Furthermore, we investigate in detail how the mass of the scalar field modifies the properties of the binary as described by the more standard Schwarzschild solution.

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EstadoPublicada - may. 2022
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