Efecto (¿o no?) de la inclusión de naturaleza de la ciencia en una secuencia para el aprendizaje y la aceptación de la teoría de la evolución

Lilian Moreno, Katherine Zuñiga, Hernán Cofré, Cristian Merino

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The objective of this research was to implement a teaching-learning sequence (TLS), where two major activities were carried out in five sessions, covering the four stages of the learning cycle (exploration, introduction, structuring and application). In this TLS some aspects of Nature of Science as a teaching strategy were incorporated, attuned to results of other researches that suggest that their inclusion can improve the acceptance and understanding of evolution. The research had a quasi-experimental design where there were two treatments of work in three groups (n=48), in two of the groups was worked with NoS and a third groupe was the control that worked without NoS. They were made in the three prior and subsequent to the implementation of the TLS questionnaires courses to meet the vision of Science (Questionnaire vnos-D), acceptance of evolution (Questionnaire MATE), and degree of knowledge development of students (instrument of research). For analysis of the results the nonparametric Wilcoxon mean comparisons related Signed-Rank, in order to visualize accurately the relevance of the results was performed, which showed that the course worked with TLS and where we explained so explicitly significantly improved their understanding of NoS and the acceptance of evolution, compared to the other two courses. However, all the courses improved the knowledge about evolution, being more significant the increase of the course that did not have NoS implemented in the TLS. These results suggest that when using aspects of NoS to teach evolution, it is not only better understood, but also students accepted more the content than when working evolution without NoS.

Título traducido de la contribuciónEffect (or not) of including the nature of science in a sequence for learning and acceptance of the theory of evolution
Idioma originalEspañol
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PublicaciónRevista Eureka
EstadoPublicada - sept. 2018
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  • Evolution
  • Nature of science (NoS)
  • Science
  • Teaching-learning sequence (TLS)


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