El sueño amoroso y sus lógicas de guerra. Notas psicoanalíticas sobre el amor, el deseo y el odio

Marcela Gonzalez-Barrientos, Stefania Napolitano

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Beyond the vicissitudes imposed by contemporaneity in the transformation of subjectivities, the article inquires about the structural aspects that operate in the relationship between the sexes.Through a critical essay – which intersects psychoanalysis and feminism –the article specifically appeals to the deconstruction of the myth of romantic complementarity that the members of the couple introduce as the two halves of a single body. The above is considered an illusion of harmony and self-sufficiency, whose reciprocal fascination helps to mask the most unknown aspects of themselves and the less sociable ones, as well as the personal fragility and dependency lived because of the love experience. The article develops the idea of romantic love as the most successful palliative for the human fear of loneliness, and at the same time, as an undeniable way of alienation, revealing instead at the heart of the “love dream” the primitive hate towards the other and the desire which degrades the latter to a partial object, the function of narcissistic support for the partenaire and the rivalry that this entails. These aspects are susceptible to transforming all couple relationships into power relationships, just as a part of feminist criticism has denounced. From here, a possible drift is to think the violence towards women in the love relationship, as a product of the symbolical and patriarchal’s order difficulty to accept female otherness, rather trying its domestication by the idealization of the “love dream”.

Título traducido de la contribuciónThe love dream and its logics of war. Psychoanalytical notes about love, desire and hate
Idioma originalEspañol
Páginas (desde-hasta)93-116
Número de páginas24
PublicaciónPsicologia Clinica
EstadoPublicada - 2016
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Palabras clave

  • Desire
  • Feminism
  • Hate
  • Love
  • Psychoanalysis


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