Escritura femenina. Un recorrido por la crítica literaria feminista

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This research is a theoretical analysis of the path from concept of "feminine writing", thus looking at the associations between writing and the category of sex/gender, as has been approached by feminist literary criticism. From there, it has proven how writing is used to exercise the ability to nameone's own experiences and put them into words, in an act of power and of recognition that performatively influences the realities it exposes, permeating or subverting hegemonic spaces of subordination attributed to femininity. Therefore, women's literature is recognised as a pertinent field to study women's situation as a situation of conflict and discursive ambivalence, constantly pulling between the colonising male hegemonic discourse, which leaves women in a position of subordination, and the discourse of women, which leaves them in a situation of exile when they express the conflict between what is their own and the other. The research also underlines the risk of taking the notion of feminine to a utopic elation which claims it closed corpus, and which reveals the difficulty women have in accepting their heterogeneity and the conflict inherent in any group, particularly in the case of several different subjects in diverse cultural settings with different participations in power.

Título traducido de la contribuciónFeminine writing. A path through feminist literary criticism
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EstadoPublicada - jun. 2017
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