Improvement of the functional properties of a thermostable lipase from alcaligenes sp. via strong adsorption on hydrophobic supports

Lorena Wilson, José M. Palomo, Gloria Fernández-Lorente, Andrés Illanes, José M. Guisán, Roberto Fernández-Lafuente

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Lipase QL from Alcaligenes sp. is a quite thermostable enzyme. For example, it retains 75% of catalytic activity after incubation for 100 h at 55°C and pH 7.0. Nevertheless, an improvement of the enzyme properties was intended via immobilization by covalent attachment to different activated supports and by adsorption on hydrophobic supports (octadecyl-sepabeads). This latter immobilization technique promotes the most interesting improvement of enzyme properties: (a) the enzyme is hyperactivated after immobilization: the immobilized preparation exhibits a 135% of catalytic activity for the hydrolysis of p-nitrophenyl propionate as compared to the soluble enzyme; (b) the thermal stability of the immobilized enzyme is highly improved: the immobilized preparation exhibits a half-life time of 12 h when incubated at 80°C, pH 8.5 (a 25-fold stabilizing factor regarding to the soluble enzyme); (c) the optimal temperature was increased from 50°C (soluble enzyme) up to 70°C (hydrophobic support enzyme immobilized preparations); (d) the enantioselectivity of the enzyme for the hydrolysis of glycidyl butyrate and its dependence on the experimental conditions was significantly altered. Moreover, because the enzyme becomes reversibly but very strongly adsorbed on these highly hydrophobic supports, the lipase may be desorbed after its inactivation and the support may be reused. Very likely, adsorption occurs via interfacial activation of the lipase on the hydrophobic supports at very low ionic strength. On the other hand, all the covalent immobilization protocols used to immobilize the enzyme hardly improved the properties of the lipase.

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PublicaciónEnzyme and Microbial Technology
EstadoPublicada - 2 may. 2006


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