La proyección colonial de Chile a la patagonia insular en el siglo XVIII

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In this article, the geopolitical consequences of the shipwreck of the English frigate Wager and the landfall of the ship Anna into the coasts of the Western Insular Patagonia in 1741 are presented, which were part of the fleet of George Anson. The news reporting the English presence in the deserted and unknown insular and coastal territory southernmost Chiloé, and which had disseminated towards the end of the continent, promoted the deployment of different actions tending to make presence noted, such as military and missionary expeditions, fort establishment and area patrols. None of the latter implied a permanent settlement or effective incorporation of such border, although they indeed involved the creation of a «mobile frontier» for Chiloé and the development of a Western Patagonia image.

Título traducido de la contribuciónProjection of chile towards the insular Patagonia during the 18th century
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  • Anson
  • Chile
  • Chiloé
  • Guayaneco
  • Mobile frontier
  • Patagonia
  • Wager


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