Luminosity functions in the CLASH-VLT cluster MACS J1206.2-0847: The importance of tidal interactions


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We present the optical luminosity functions (LFs) of galaxies for the CLASH-VLT cluster MACS J1206.2-0847 at z D 0:439, based on HST and SUBARU data, including ~600 spectroscopically confirmed member galaxies. The LFs on the wide SUBARU FoV are well described by a single Schechter function down to M~M * +3, whereas this fit is poor for HST data, due to a faint-end upturn visible down M~M * +7, suggesting a bimodal behaviour. We also investigate the effect of local environment by deriving the LFs in four different regions, according to the distance from the centre, finding an increase in the faint-end slope going from the core to the outer rings. Our results confirm and extend our previous findings on the analysis of mass functions, which showed that the galaxies with stellar mass below 1010:5Mˇ have been significantly affected by tidal interaction effects, thus contributing to the intra cluster light (ICL).

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Título de la publicación alojadaThe Universe of Digital Sky Surveys - A Meeting to Honour the 70th Birthday of Massimo Capaccioli
EditoresGiuseppe Longo, Maurizio Paolillo, Nicola R. Napolitano, Marcella Marconi, Enrichetta Iodice
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EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2016
EventoConference on Universe of Digital Sky Surveys, 2014 - Naples, Italia
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ConferenciaConference on Universe of Digital Sky Surveys, 2014


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