PEDRO GABRIEL ALFARO FACCIO, Alejandra Figueroa-Leighton

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This research (Fondecyt Proyect 11160978) aims to determine the influence of procedural memory levels on syntactic complexity in school-age subjects with typical linguistic and cognitive development. For this reason, a retrospective ex post facto research was conducted in which 119 subjects were evaluated. These subjects were divided into five groups of different school levels: preschool, second grade, fourth grade, sixth grade, and eight grade from primary school. In terms of procedural memory, an implicit learning serial reaction time (SRT) task was applied using visual-spatial series. To report syntax, we conducted an analysis of nodes of syntactic dependency present in oral narratives retold by subjects. Data was correlated and therefore a linear regression model was applied to predict the influence of one variable over the other. Results revealed significant correlations (<1.96 according to the standard index value) in each group (preschool=0.72; second grade=0.75; fourth grade=0.74; sixth grade=0.79; eight grade=0.70). The regression model reported R 2 values over to 0.5.

Título traducido de la contribuciónProcedural memory and syntactic complexity in Spanish students
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EstadoPublicada - 2019
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  • Procedural memory
  • Serial reaction task
  • Syntactic complexity
  • Typical development


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