Perfiles motivacionales durante la formación inicial docente

Jorge Valenzuela, CARLA VIVIANA MUÑOZ VALENZUELA, Marisol Marfull-Jensen

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This study identifies, describes and analyses different motivational profiles of students enrolled in primary pedagogy programs. To create such profiles, a cluster analysis was carried out. Entered variables, classified as fundamental to be a good pedagogy student, were: motivation to become a teacher, motivation for teaching, intellectual curiosity, engagement, and expectations to stay in the school system. Participants were 754 pedagogy students enrolled in their first, third and fifth year, from seven public and private Chilean universities, located in six regions of Chile. The results show four distinct types of motivational profiles: a) "without vocation" (11.6%), b) "naïve" (17.7%), c) "Non-school vocation" (26.8%) and d) "school vocation" (33%). Additionally, a specific characterization of each cluster, including the socio-demographic traits and other important motivational variables, was made. Finally, the implications and the scope of these findings are discussed for both students-in-training as well as the challenges faced by training institutions.

Título traducido de la contribuciónMotivational profiles among pre-service teachers' training
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EstadoPublicada - 1 ene 2018

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  • Clusters analysis
  • Motivation
  • Motivational profiles
  • Pre-service teachers


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