Reconstructing k-inflation from ns(N) and reheating constraints

Ramón Herrera, Michel Housset, Constanza Osses, Nelson Videla

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Inspired by the reconstruction scheme of the inflaton field potential V(ϕ) from the attractors ns(N), we investigate the viability of reconstructing the inflationary potential within the framework of k-inflation for a non-linear kinetic term K(X)=kn+1Xn through three expressions for the scalar spectral index ns(N), namely: (i) ns−1=−[Formula presented], (ii) ns−1=−[Formula presented], and (iii) ns−1=−[Formula presented]. For each reconstructed potential, we determine the values of the parameter space which characterizes it by requiring that it must reproduce the observable parameters from PLANCK 2018 and BICEP/Keck results. Furthermore, we analyze the reheating era by assuming a constant equation of state, in which we derive the relations between the reheating duration, the temperature at the end of reheating together with the reheating epoch, and the number of e-folds during inflation. In this sense, we unify the inflationary observables in order to narrow the parameter space of each model within the framework of the reconstruction in k-inflation.

Idioma originalInglés
Número de artículo101386
PublicaciónPhysics of the Dark Universe
EstadoPublicada - feb. 2024


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