Validación del test de 6 minutos de carrera como predictor del consumo máximo de oxígeno en el personal naval

Álvaro Cristian Huerta Ojeda, Sergio Andrés Galdames Maliqueo, Pablo Andrés Cáceres Serrano

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Introduction: The high physical demands that Navy personnel face in order to perform their day-to-day tasks entail a high development in peak oxygen uptake (VO2max). Therefore, finding tests to measure VO2max in Navy personnel in a reliable and valid fashion requiring minor infrastructure and are easily performed is a pending matter. Objective: To validate a 6- minute run test (6WRT) in Navy personnel. Methods: correlational study, while the sample were 224 cadets of the Chilean Navy School. The variables to be measured were: VO2max and distance measured through a 6WRT and 12- minute test (12- min test). The statistical analysis was performed through the Pearson correlation test and the Bland-Altman technique. The post hoc analysis was performed with Student’s t test and the size of the effect (SE) was measured using Cohen’s d test. Results: The connection of the estimated VO2max between 6WRT and 12-min test was 0.06. The Post hoc analysis showed a significant difference between the estimated VO2max of both field tests (p < 0.0001; SE = 1.016). The Bland-Altman analysis evidenced a relation between media values and the differences of VO2max between 12-min test and 6WRT were approximately -3.03. Conclusion: The results of the study showed a positive connection between 6WRT test and 12-min test. Consequently, 6WRT test is a valid test to be applied in Navy personnel.

Título traducido de la contribuciónValidation of the 6-minute race test as a predictor of maximum oxygen consumption in naval personnel
Idioma originalEspañol
PublicaciónRevista Cubana de Medicina Militar
EstadoPublicada - 1 oct. 2016

Palabras clave

  • 12-minute run test
  • 6-minute run test
  • Navy personnel
  • Peak oxygen uptake


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