Weak gravitational lensing by Kerr-MOG black hole and Gauss–Bonnet theorem

Ali Övgün, İzzet Sakallı, Joel Saavedra

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The deflection angle of Kerr-MOG black holes is studied for different values of the parameter in modified gravity (MOG). To this end, we employ the Gauss–Bonnet theorem, which was first studied by Gibbons and Werner and then extended by Ono, Ishihara and Asada, who use a generalized optical metric where the deflection of light for an observer and source at finite distance. By using this method, we study the weak gravitational lensing by Kerr-MOG black hole. Our computations show that with an increase in the MOG parameter (α), the deflection angle becomes significantly larger than that of Kerr black hole. The results obtained show that MOG effect could be taken into account in the gravitational lensing experiments.

Idioma originalInglés
Número de artículo167978
PublicaciónAnnals of Physics
EstadoPublicada - dic. 2019


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